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Random customers can not order (Customer group missing)


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The other day (it continue happening for almost a week) something strange happened.

Some customers reported they could not buy some products. After a lot of investigation it seems that for some reason they did not had customer group assigned in the data base (however in backoffice they had). They were almost 70% of the customers that registered for a few days.

I never discovered what was the reason and it has not happened again for 2 weeks, but in case someone has the same problem, this can be a cause

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I always used to think it was the customers 🙂

I installed this module from Datakick  https://store.getdatakick.com/en/modules/login-as-customer its free too, its invaluable for me as I can log in and see what the customer sees  and its handy to help tweak issues when you get a complaint  obviously if the customer has browser cache issues it won't help but it gives you more insight to whats happening



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