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Selling from UK to EU


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Our little government here in the UK has just released a webinar on e-commerce selling from the UK to the EU in 2021 bu
... the UK post office / Royal Mail cannot post and pay all VAT Tariff and admin charges in advance and so is not allowed for Amazon sellers or any good for anyone really
... the UK government has no promise of a threshold value for charging VAT tariffs and admin; it's not like selling to the US or Australia where small parcels are ignored by customs. A trade worth a penny can be taxed.
... Parcel2go, Parcelmonkey and similar sites don't yet show me a way to post to the EU next year.
... our government is negotiating hard for us to get worse employment rights etc etc than other europeans, so if the deal gets better it will probably be on December 31st

Any comments suggestions or discoveries are welcome! I'll add links to our little government's webinar and suggested contacts when available.

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If you are selling direct from your own website than it is the importer (buyer) who has to worry about import taxes. Amazon are different in that they insist the customer should always pay exactly what they see on screen,

So on your own website all you have to do is set the VAT rate to whatever it shiould be and then post as normal. Unless you want to pay those taxes on behalf if your customer

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