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Im locked out of my site

The Pellet Guy

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My site has been running well no isues to report  im on it daily for hours at a time, I got home tonight logged in was working as normal  had a break and whilst away i had been logged out

I tried logging back in and was greated with the screen shot below,  i tried to log in again  thinking maybe I miss typed  and same result.

I then tried the password reset and was faced with the same issue, this is all a bit strange as I have been running  flawlessly for weeks,  I seem to recall this on here before but cannot track the thread down  I have done all the normal  cleared cache cookies  rebooted  to no avail.

Iam a bit stuck now  anyone have any ideas




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Chrome is not great at clearing caches - it often chooses not to delete some data

Have you tried a different browser / device?

Or right click on the page and 'inspect' > Application > Clear Site data often works where standard cache cleaning does not

Front office works ok as I just created a test account

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