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marriage: SeoFrog & ID_category or ID_product


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I am looking for an option to connect the results, the marvelous site crawler "SeoFrog" can give, to Thirtybees (Prestashop) categories and products via CSV.

Most of you will know that SeoFrog is an excellent tool to make a website audit and to crawl for interesting data of your own (and others) web shop. It is possible to export this data into csv for example.


Today for example I wanted to check my categories for good meta data informaion (title and description length). This data I can get via SeoFrog easily and export the data into a csv.

The trick is now to connect this data to the corresponding ID_categories so I can edit meta titles etc. in a fast way in CSV and re-upload eventually into Thirtybees. I wonder how this can be done?


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