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PaymentModule::validateOrder - Secure key does not match error


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Yesterday I received a notification from PayPal that I had received a payment but there was no order in TB.

I logged into PayPal and by looking at the transaction I could see it was a genuine order for products in my store. The customer contacted me as they had not received any confirmation of the order but did say they'd paid on their mobile and had got an error but had no details for me.

In TB I could see a cart with an order ID of "non ordered" which matched the details in PayPal.

I am using the module PayPal v3.11.6 by Prestashop and have been using it for many years without issue both before and after the migration from PS 1.6 to TB. I am on ThirtyBees 1.1.0 which I know is not the latest release but I've had so many issues with Prestashop upgrades in the past that I've tended to adopt the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach to upgrades.

Checking the TB logs I can see two error messages with the following error around the time of the order

    "PaymentModule::validateOrder - Secure key does not match"

My initial thought was that PayPal had changed the API credentials but on checking in PayPal they are the same as before.

I've not received any orders since so do not know if this a one-off glitch or a permanent error. I may try and order something myself but at present do not have a personal PayPal account.

I am stumped as to what the problem is as I can find no clues online.


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Thanks, I've looked at those threads but there does not seem to be a definitive answer. I really should look to upgrade to 1.2 and install the TB version of the PayPal module. Strangely the PayPal module does not appear when searching for it within TB, guess I'll have to download the module zip and go from there.

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There is no real solution. I find it is just a random thing. Happens occasionally with TB, Prestashop and other systems. And also different payment solutions also. Been experiencing this for over 10 years

I found there was a small rounding issue that did help to minimise the problems though. I think the details are on the forum somewhere, but basically Paypal does it's own rounding. If TB is set to round differently and the numbers don't match perfectly then issues can arrise.

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Hopefully I will not be hit by the rounding issue as I am only a small seller (below VAT threshold) and I've stopped shipping overseas so no taxes or duties to calculate. No rounding should be taking place in any calculations.

Guess I'll just have to live with it.

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