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You found 33 responsive PrestaShop themes compatible with Bootstrap. ThemeForest


You found 33 responsive PrestaShop themes compatible with Bootstrap. 

https://themeforest.net/category/ecommerce/prestashop?compatible_with=Bootstrap&platform=PrestaShop 1.6.1.x&rating_min=4&sort=date&tags=responsive


So these themes above DO NOT say anything about Thirty Bees. 


1) What all needs to be done to make these themes compatible with Thirty Bees?


Thank You


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Some free PS 1.6 themes came-up when I searched: you could test at no risk.
I guess that a lot of TB users tend to hack their existing theme about, rather than buying one, which is why there are no other answers here.
I guess that a risky theme is one that includes modules for editing, costs the price of a module, and you'd want the developer to promise a free trial or refund-if-incompatible or such.

I guess the less risky themes are just a different layout and font with a few background images. These might be free or cheap anyway.

Just a guess.

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In previous years we have bought two themes from themeforest. Of the two themes and websites one website was hacked through an included module. lmao

So anyway I told the owner of this website I'm working on that I didn't have any trust in the themeforests themes any longer because of the modules. So the owner of this website I'm working on bought the panda theme to hack up and use.

So I had some issues getting the 2 old themes to work in thirtybees. I needed to go back through how to use hooks and blocks. Still not there yet but it's becoming clearer. I just don't build as many websites anymore so I forget stupid stuff. I find myself re-teaching myself as always. 

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18 hours ago, nickz said:

We found Zerothemes pretty much agreeable.


You need the newest Themes you need to purchase them. Tweaking the free themes works pretty good though.

This is nice but it needs to be integrate into Thirtybees templating system, that's what I am doing right now on this topic :

help me to finish it.. and you'll get the free source also.

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