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Age Verification Module from PS1.6 - any dev time to adapt it to TB? :)


I found this module which is free and works very nicely on PS1.6, yet it doesn't run on TB and I thought if someone is interested in maybe adapt it for TB that would be great and probably useful for a lot of people. I sadly just don't have the time :S But maybe there's someone out there who could need it as well and has time and capabilities to do so 😉


not sure about the license, you'd probably have to contact prestacraft for making code edits and providing them to the public.

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Hi, I can't do coding but if I ask a couple of questions it may help others

1) Have you asked Prestacraft if they can help configure for ThirtyBees?

2) You say it does not work: why? What happens? Error Messages? Version of TB - as much info as you can give may help

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it is in fact working now for me as well 🤯. Sorry for that. Last two times I tried it did install itself but never showed on frontend, no matter the browser or what settings I changed, no errors, nothing 🙂 maybe my last test-shop-instance was broken somehow.


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