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Hi! I try to import a category tree using the csv function. It is important that I can set also the ID:s because I use a xml feed from the supplier and it has to match. But the import just give the categories numbers from 3 and up. Is there a way to fix this? There seem to be no error, the import just dont bother about the id field

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Three issues I need help with, please:

  1. I looked at Preferences - Top Menu Items - so I could arrange them but they aren't there.

  2. All my categories are in one big long list in the footer, on the left side.

  3. The images I associated with the categories are either not there, or the wrong image is there:

A dog tie is not a dog dress! lol


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@Havouza said in Category import csv:

I gave up and use the old Top Menu. Simple but stable

@Havouza Uh-oh. Is this the same situation for importing products? I'm not a coder and don't know how to do this. I know how to use sublime to edit files but I don't know which files I'm supposed to be using and where to copy them to.

@mdekker no pressure at all I promise, but if this is something that's going to be fixed soon I can wait since my live site is working.

I really hate using old junk like code, etc, because I have no idea how to integrate updates.


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TB has two files in the blocktopmenu folder: blocktopmenu.tpl index.php

Live site has only one: blocktopmenu.tpl

Do I just copy the blocktopmenu.tpl file into the TB blocktopmenu folder or do I also delete the index.php file that is already in the TB blocktopmenu folder?

Footer problem is cleared up: My categories in the footer finally showed up in admin, so I deleted them all.

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@Havouza TB folder has two files and PS has only one file. I have backups, so I'll go for it... soon.

Here are the screenshots of the contents of each folder. blocktopmenu in thirtybees

blocktopmenu folder in PrestaShop

Does anyone have an opinion on what I should copy, since my live site theme was not generated by PS, but by TemplateMonster.


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@Havouza Thank you. In case anyone needs extra help, this is what I did:

Admin - cPanel - Filemanager:

  1. public_html/modules/blocktopmenu

  2. downloaded the blocktopmenu folder in zip format

  3. Went to modules and services "add a new module" uploaded the zip file

  4. Message said: "module was successfully downloaded"

  5. Searched for blocktopmenu - didn't see it, but the categories show up in admin.

Categories - click "empty categories" to see your categories.

Note (because this is the step I'm up to now) - since the categories are currently empty, they won't show up on the site until products are in them.

  1. Next I added attributes.

  2. Backed up TB site.

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I uploaded a products csv which is associated with the categories I created. I made sure each product - all 142 of them - was associated with the correct categories.

Categories are not showing up at the tops of the pages but they are listed in the footer again.

I have a LOT of problems with product import csv and had to revise it and manually associate the categories that were incorrectly associated. Some product images and descriptions are scrambled. This is not correct:

A dog barrette is NOT a dog cooling vest. O.o




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