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Error 500 in customers and orders after upgrade to 1.4

Carlos Minguell

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Hi there,

I have updatded to 1.4 this morning. After do it, the frontend looks to works fine (not all... all categories showed as deactivated, I do not know why, but it is easy to activate them again). In the backoffice all seems to work fine, excepting CUSTOMERS and ORDERS: I get a 500 error when I try to enter in orders or customers.

I have all modules updated, PHP 7.4. In my server log I can see this kind of error:

2022-12-16 19:14:08 Error 500 GET /admin485hmsjqj/index.php?controller=AdminOrders&token=55d174ffa90021e1c671bf99b2a466d3 HTTP/1.0

Anybody knows what is happening here?


Many thanks and best regards,


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Many thanks for your advice! I forgot to hide the directory 😞

This is the error log I get when access to orders or customers:

Argument 3 passed to DispatcherCore::createUrl() must be of the type array, int given, called in /var/www/vhosts/XXXXX/classes/Link.php on line 315

file /var/www/vhosts/XXXXX/classes/Dispatcher.php at line 1228

1210:    /**
1211:     * Create an url from
1212:     *
1213:     * @param string $routeId     Name of the route
1214:     * @param int    $idLang
1215:     * @param array  $params
1216:     * @param bool   $forceRoutes
1217:     * @param string $anchor      Optional anchor to add at the end of this url
1218:     * @param null   $idShop
1219:     *
1220:     * @return string
1221:     *
1222:     * @throws PrestaShopException
1223:     * @internal param bool $use_routes If false, don't use to create this url
1224:     *
1225:     * @since    1.0.0
1226:     * @version  1.0.0 Initial version
1227:     */
1228:    public function createUrl($routeId, $idLang = null, array $params = [], $forceRoutes = false, $anchor = '', $idShop = null)
1229:    {
1230:        if ($idLang === null) {
1231:            $idLang = (int) Context::getContext()->language->id;
1232:        }
1233:        if ($idShop === null) {
1234:            $idShop = (int) Context::getContext()->shop->id;
1235:        }
1237:        if (!isset($this->routes[$idShop])) {
1238:            $this->loadRoutes($idShop);
Edited by Carlos Minguell
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Looks like the same problem as @musicmasterencountered here:

The problem will be with some module calling Link::getAdminLink with invalid paramter.

I have added new check to the code: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/commit/125bc3039f5e4d6cb490288e073a751c50e29f9a

If the method Link::getAdminLink is called with invalid parameter, system will raise warning instead of error.

You can update to bleeding edge, the fix is already there.

Note that you still have to fix the module, as in the future this will throw an error again. 

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I'm sorry for delaying my reply, but I'm out of home and I have limited access to Internet.
I really apreciate your help!

Here you have the stacktrace:

1. classes/Link.php:315 source DispatcherCore->createUrl(arguments)
2. modules/whatsappchat/whatsappchat.php:675 source LinkCore->getAdminLink(arguments)
3. classes/Hook.php:769 source WhatsAppChat->hookBackOfficeHeader(arguments)
4. classes/Hook.php:473 source HookCore::coreCallHook(arguments)
5. classes/Hook.php:288 source HookCore::execWithoutCache(arguments)
6. classes/controller/AdminController.php:3934 source HookCore::exec(arguments)
7. classes/controller/Controller.php:198 source AdminControllerCore->init()
8. classes/Dispatcher.php:861 source ControllerCore->run()
9. admin485hmsjqj/index.php:58 source DispatcherCore->dispatch()
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