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Odd error with payments but very inconsistent




I am running TB 1.3 as I have a module that needs upgrades but is not ready yet (RockPOS).

I started noticing issues with payments.

Customers sometimes have to try several times for the Stripe payments to go through and in many cases, I get tons of canceled (Correction: not cancelled, incomplete) payments that never went through in the Stripe Dashboard, so it looks it got so hard to pay, customers just gave up.

Sometimes it works.  Sometimes I get a Stripe notification but the order does not close and I have to do it manually.

Same with Paypal.  Sometimes it just works.  Sometimes, the same as Stripe: I get an email but the order does not close.

I suspect it is some form of caching issue but I am not sure.  Anybody else encountered such problems?

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Paypal or Stripe payment no longer close the orders.  Customers either get a 404 or Cart cannot be loaded or an order has already been placed using this cart.

I checked the database using:

SELECT id_cart FROM tb_cart ORDER by id_cart DESC LIMIT 1;
SELECT id_cart FROM tb_orders ORDER by id_cart DESC LIMIT 1;

Both the cart and the orders match.  Very odd.  I have to manually close ALL the orders that are made on the website.
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I have the same problem with Stripe.

  • Will try updating the module.
  • Also, I'm not sure if a more clunky version of Stripe that uses its own order form would be a safer bet. I might give it a try if I can remember how.

So far as I can guess from the Stripe, a pre-payment was approved but the customers' 3D secure payment wasn't. So the customer had another go and managed to pay, but Stripe kept the same transaction ID and popped-up a message (in the log, at least)

"You cannot confirm this PaymentIntent because it has already succeeded after being previously confirmed.".

PPS: just background info....

Here in the UK, cards fail all the time online. In my case a visa cash-back credit card. They fail once to get a password or a one time passcode, and from then-on they fail every time until re-set. Confusingly, they still work when touched on card readers. So this could be part of the problem.

I have tried changing the error message that says an order has not gone-though when it has, and I am getting better at piecing-together any saved information, but I have not solved the problem 

I am using Thiirtybees 1.4 and "Stripe v1.7.1 - by thirty bees (needs updating)". I have a minimal installation embedded in the order page. There is an experiment with mullti-store, turned off for Stripe.

I would update to the next Thirtybees but it takes some work on theme hacks.

This Stripe's log of an order that did get charged by Stripe, after at least one previous go, but did not get passed-back to the shopping cart. The customer was on Android. I can't find a record on Clarity.Microsoft.com so I guess cookies were turned-off


"error": {
"code": "payment_intent_unexpected_state",
"doc_url": "https://stripe.com/docs/error-codes/payment-intent-unexpected-state",
"message": "You cannot confirm this PaymentIntent because it has already succeeded after being previously confirmed.",
"payment_intent": {
"id": "...",
"object": "payment_intent",
"allowed_source_types": [
"amount": 2985,
"amount_details": {
"tip": {
"automatic_payment_methods": null,
"canceled_at": null,
"cancellation_reason": null,
"capture_method": "automatic",
"client_secret": "...",
"confirmation_method": "automatic",
"created": 1678992683,
"currency": "gbp",
"description": null,
"last_payment_error": null,
"livemode": true,
"next_action": null,
"next_source_action": null,
"payment_method": "pm_1MmMN1GngIXhdSwBLixq6hO4",
"payment_method_types": [
"processing": null,
"receipt_email": null,
"return_url": null,
"setup_future_usage": null,
"shipping": null,
"source": null,
"status": "succeeded"
"request_log_url": "https://dashboard.stripe.com/logs/req_2QY0dPKst2hpbX?t=1678994811",
"type": "invalid_request_error"
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added what I am going to do
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