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How to easily add Terms (in PDF) to order confirmation

Alex Hansen

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I need to add the terms into the email of order confimation.

I know there is a module for Prestashops that offers just this, but it's for version 1.7.x and up (and not compatible with thirtybees).


Do anyone know some other module that works with thirtybee v1.1.0    or another way to do this?



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If you don't want to send them out as attachments you can change the templates you want to use and send a link. If you in future change the T&C just change the version number (like T&C-1.1.2.pdf) and leave your old pdfs on the server so the customer are still able to download and check them if needed.

You can upload the .pdf s in /downloads/ or make custom folder just for this job. I had 'brochures' back in the years, but I was displaying them in FO.

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