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Hi All

Am still on Version 1.6 and php 7.4 & Panda

I have been lucky enough to have been trouble free for quite some time now.

But today my images for some reason have gone completely haywire as I thought it would be a good idea to regenerate my images as I haven't done it in a long while.. My first thought which seemed to work was to delete and re-add the images that were huge via admin products and that did seem to work but there are just to many.. I've regenerated 3 times and it hasn't helped

My next idea was to try a restore but it hasn't work either... what could the issue be please as as you can see from the image some of them are huge does matter where it can be home page category or product.

They have been fine up until today ... thank you

Screenshot 2023-05-14 203504.png

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7 hours ago, e-com said:

In Preferences -> Images "Generate images based on one side of the source image" you probably have it set to Height.
Change it to Automatic.

right, also you can add some css min-height value if necessary

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Thanks ... It was set to long.. But has been that way for a long time.. I did set to short but used another module to rebuild images which obviously didn't work.

I've tried again today with automatic and seems to have worked this time.. My biggest problem was the time it was taking, over 3 hours as have quite a few images. But everything is back to normal. So thank you

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1 hour ago, zen said:

you might want to try my laundry machine for images directory then in order to save space.. here is the module

Thanks ,installed and tried it ... I didn't read the instruction - be really careful with this tool - There is no possible rollback!

I thought it would just show them first and ask you to delete... It removed literally hundreds of images from a wep module that doesn't work with panda 

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On 5/16/2023 at 8:45 AM, zen said:

Right.. I might update it in order to maybe make some steps / confirmation and also understand webp format now.

Made my life easier as it removed so many images I didn't need  Maybe also add a deleted section (If possible) as there was no way to look back once you have left.

Can recommend it if anyone else needs to use it

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