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Upgrading to latest version


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There should be no breaking changes regarding the theme when updating from 1.4 to 1.5 edge and soon to 1.5 final.

There are some inner working 'fixes':

  • Mailer functionality was extracted from core and you should duplicate your settings in one of two new mailer modules
  • Code minification also was extracted from core and you should install the new code minification module (no adjustments needed here), all settings continue to be in Performance tab.
  • You should uninstall tbupdater (not core updater, it should stay), now it's not needed as the module update mechanism was changed and moved to core.

Other than that - plenty of performance, security and futureproofing changes that I'm sure you will enjoy.

Keep an eye in your error collection module - you might have few notices there but there should be no exceptions. 

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1.4 should work on php7.4 but push some notices. When you update to 1.4 you could try and update to 1.5 edge on 7.4, this will clear almost all core notices but you'll have to fix any theme/external module ones in order to proceed to php8. I had an issue with cart module tpl files in Warehouse theme, they are fixed now but I'm still not updating to php8.

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4 hours ago, the.rampage.rado said:

Yes, attribute class that was changed in order to continue to php8 might refuse to play nicely with this module. You tried but it's not working, right?

Yeah & I can't find a solution. I need a text box with a cost and tick boxes with costs as well .. Drop down boxes but no costs


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