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What caused visits to stop counting on dashboard?


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Hoping someone can help me here. The visits on my dashboard stopped counting on the 5th as shown in the attached image. I can't figure out what would have caused this? Google analytics is still working and counting my visitors and so are the rest of the dash statistics, just not TB. I checked the stats report too and it seems to show TB counting correctly as well. Screenshot_2023-10-11-07-35-14-52_3aea4af51f236e4932235fdada7d1643.thumb.jpg.887befb622dad6083b5d22b31a6f9694.jpg

Any idea what could be the cause and how to resolve? Is it a dashboard bug?

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Okay, something very strange is happening. I just checked my development site and I see the exact same result in the metric listed for visits as shown below. This number is impossible since the development site is not public facing and has a completely different database and gets no visitors but me. Where is this visit metric supposed to be sourcing from? It has to be an error in the code. @datakick


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1 minute ago, datakick said:

in that case dashboard shows data fetched from google analytics. 

Interesting. Thanks. I checked GA and the drop in tracking aligns with their deprecation of UA tagged properties and, at least my configuration, isn't connecting GA4 to TB. I'll investigate if it's my configuration error or if a revision is needed for the module.

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