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niara and community themes installed



Are there any issue if I have community and niara themes installed? is it better if leaving only niara installed as it the official default theme?

Right know I'm using community but I would like to use the latest default and supported theme.

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1 hour ago, 30knees said:

I think you can safely uninstall the theme you do not want. Just be sure any customisations (such as translations) are also migrated to the new theme.

Thank you.
I can't understand what's the main default theme. Niara? I don't want to use community if is not going to be supported in the future.

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12 minutes ago, datakick said:

Both are supported. All fixes are pushed to both themes

are they going to be supported both in the future? Have they feature parity? New “feature” are likely to be added in both?

I’m ok on this but, sorry if I insist but, why both? Isn’t supporting two doubling the time spent on default themes?

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