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Uploading files to forum is not allowed unless file is an image format


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@lesley @mdekker @admin (is admin the new global moderator tag? That isn't working either)

I tried to upload my csv to a forum post but it wasn't accepted. I just tried again while composing this. Here is the result. No file. Just its name but uploading a csv worked just yesterday.

[01502793511281grooming-products-test.csv](Uploading 100%)

Screenshot of error when trying to upload files:

0_1502793747571_csv is an invalid file type - only images are allowed.jpg

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@vzex said in Uploading files to forum suddenly is not allowed unless image format:

Oh good, now I don't need my glasses to see them :) :) :)

Glasses? We don't need no stinkin' glasses! haha! You better know what I'm referring to but, if not, here's a hint: replace glasses with badges. And don't ask me how I know that. Someone said it somewhere and it keeps coming back.

Since you and I are on Macs, how do you use emojis in the quick replies to forum messages?

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