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Prestools - the free mass edit toolset

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New: the Image Edit plugin.

It enables you to add and remove images in the product-edit page. You can also change their order and choose the cover image.

It looks like this:


The "X" button allows you to delete. Right below is the field for the cover selection. You can add images both by clicking the add button and selecting a file and by drag-and-drop. Changing the order goes by drag-and-drop too. As usual in Prestools all changes are only implemented after you submit.

When you add an image it is uploaded to a temp directory below your Prestools directory. When you submit it is moved below your /img directory. Image (re)generation of formats like 123-small_default.jpg does not take place. You will need to that separately in Prestools or the Thirty Bees backoffice.

As usual with new modules this one will be free to download for a few days on this location.

People who have bought the full Prestools package can just download the latest version. It is included there.

Note that this will only work on Prestools 1.24l and newer.


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I uploaded a new Prestools version: 1.24n. It contains a new version of the image plugin too. 

The new version fixes a few issues with image edit:

 - you could not add an image to a product that didn't have any images.

 - when you marked a newly added image as cover it wasn't registered as such. As a consequence the product ended with no cover and you didn't see an image in the backoffice product list.

 - when you made the image field editable and the cover image was not the first one it displayed on the first position the cover image too.

The editing is now more wysiwig as it makes that you to always have an active cover product.

If you find any more problems please let me know.

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