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  1. KolS


    It seem the Website Payments Plus causing the error message to appear. When I disabled it the forbidden error at the bottom is gone.
  2. Wanted to add notification bar in mobile when product is added in the cart but I don't know where to start. Any advise please. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/308038-free-tutorial-product-added-to-cart-notification-bar/
  3. Datakick, thank you so much! It works!
  4. Hi Guys, I wanted to know how I can display a module like wishlist and price alert below the product title? It was easy to place revws rating module under the product title, what I did I just put this line : {hook h='displayRevwsAverageRating' mod='revws'} in the product.tpl file then, it works like magic. I don't know the exact shortcode for wishlist and price alerts but when I tried to use its html code both module didn't work properly. I wanted to know how I can create a hook placement below the title if possible. Any advice?
  5. I fixed mine by replacing all commas with semicolon in the Tags and Meta Keywords columns. It can be done quickly when you're using Ablebits Excel extension. Then, I made sure those empty columns to set as "Ignore this column" in the matching process. Also avoid trailing or extra semicolons in the cell. Example tags: heart health;immune support;vitamins; -- this is wrong heart health;immune support;vitamins --- correct
  6. Like sort by total number of sales or sort by review ratings. Can't be done?
  7. Sorry for my bad English. Yes, I want to try Prestools. Do you have a guide on how to make it work with TB?
  8. @musicmaster Sorry, I didn't know that..I am a newbie. Appreciate your response. Can you share how to make the script work?
  9. Any updated version compatible for TB 1.1.0? I tried to upload this module but it encountered an error" File too large (limit of 2097152 bytes)."
  10. Guys, how we can restore this accordion tab? I really wanted to implement this one on my client's site.
  11. I really like this mobile layout for my client's site unfortunately, I don't know where to start. The theme below was designed for OpenCart, if anyone could share how to this theme convert to TB that would be awesome.




  12. I have similar problem before and I ended up removing that new product block from displayLeftColumn
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