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Prestools is a suite of user-friendly and very powerful tools to mass edit your products, orders and categories. It is a kind of Swiss Army knife that runs outside your backoffice. You can download it here and find a manual here.

Prestools was started in 2012 by putting together a small selection of tools for Prestashop. It has since grown steadily to become a comprehensive set of tools for maintaining Prestashop and Thirty Bees. It is one of the most popular downloads on the Prestashop forum.

The main parts are:

  • product-edit: great options for mass editing more than 50 product fields. Add categories, change prices, update descriptions - for hundreds of products at once. 
  • product csv: a very flexible tool to generate csv files.
  • product-sort: an easy way to sort products inside a category. From position 500 to 1 in a blink. With the visual sort option you can see immediately how things will look.
  • prodcombi: edit and oversee properties of combinations of a number of products at once.
  • order-edit: adding and deleting products and changing prices without problems.
  • order-search: make a selection on carrier, payment type, status, etc. or just search. With csv export option.
  • category-edit: useful for editing metadata and descriptions for SEO
  • combi-edit: assign pictures to your combinations quickly
  • combi-copy and combi-delete: copy, modify and delete attribute combinations using one product as a template
  • attribute-list and feature-list: see how many products use each feature and attribute and get a product list.
  • regenerate images for selections of products
  • cleanup images: save on disk space by cleaning up images of deleted products
  • shop rescue: turn off overrides and non-Prestashop modules when due to some bug you can no longer login in the backoffce.
  • override-list and module-list: get lists of modules and of overrides and the modules might own them.
  • eu-tax: get a quick overview how much you sold in each of the EU countries and how much VAT you withheld in the process
  • integrity checks:  find and fix database and file corruption.
  • lots of statistics

Installation: Unzip the downloaded file and copy the resulting files to a subdirectory below your admin directory (do not install as a PS module!).You can access the program in the browser like "www.myshop.com/myadmin/mydir/login1.php". You will be welcomed by a login screen: the default username is "demo@demo.com" and the default password is "opensecret". Please adapt your security settings in the "settings1.php" file. There is a mini-module included for integration into the Thirty Bees backoffice.

There is a demo-installation available. Username and password are the default. Below you find a view of the product-edit page where the description field has been made editable: /assets/uploads/files/34/1507463122156preview.jpg

Prestools is compatible with Prestashop 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 8.0 and Thirty Bees. If you find a problem please let me know.

There are a few parts in product-edit that you need to buy at the Prestools website. However, over 95% of the script is free.

Among the files you will find a file prestoolssuite-module.zip. You can install this file as a module. It is a mini-module as the only thing it does is adding a link to your Prestools installation in the Catalog menu in the backoffice.

If you find a problem, please update Prestools to its latest version before you report it here. When reporting, please mention your Thirty Bees version.

Follow the installation instructions! This is not a module!

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It's a very helpful tool, we love it because it makes our job a lot easier.

How can I filter in the tool, for example, if I want to see entries without values? So that I can enter the missing information. As an example product available, it is not filled in all articles, because it was forgotten when importing CSV.

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There are many different ways to get products with specific field values: - you can search for it - you can use the Sort By field. Even fields without a value will appear somewhere either at the top or the bottom. - you can also sort by clicking a column header - Just setting the field in the Search field is sometimes enough. If you search for example for discounts (without filling in a specific value) you will see all products with discounts. And by using the Not operator you can also see all the products that do not have a discount

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Just wondering why the "module" is not using login information from TB? would it not make a lot more sence if it did?

And be more secure? and since it allready uses the MySQL db connectet to the store it should be quite easy to actually add that, not a fan of hardcoded logins at all.

But i like what you have done just think it could be better if it used the store admin logins.

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From an user point of view it would certainly be more pleasant when Prestools would use the TB login. However, it is not as easy to implement as you suggest and it might have disadvantages too.

Prestools operates outside the TB engine. Only that way can it have complete control over the screen and achieve adequate speed. So in order to use the TB login - that is tightly integrated with the rest of its code - the code must be replicated without that context. That would require a deep understanding of how the TB login works (the shop password is stored encoded and you also need to deal with the cookies that keep you logged in). So this is quite a tough job and I have never found the time and motivation for it. Maybe somewhere in the future, but this has not a high priority.

I believe Prestools is quite secure as it is. But of course suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

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Recently Prestools had some bugs due to a few structural changes. Line submit had been changed to make virtual product edit work and to increase security the cookie format was changed. It should all work now again. Please notify me if you find any remaining problems.

Recent improvements in Prestools:  - problems with the mini-module were fixed.   - product-solo was fixed. It had been dysfunctional since the line submit fix. Now that has been repaired and also a few improvements have been made.  - Integrity checks has been improved and offers now the possibility to repair some problems.  - Some minor additional functionality: attribute sort, statistics on categories  - Some minor bug fixes

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@musicmaster said in Prestools - the mass edit toolset:

@cassim Do you have any problem doing that now?

Its more a request. I love if it can do something like this :

Mass update using a code line like this :

Buy {productname} for just {pricevat} at {storename}

So that you can make a custom meta tag, and fill this automatic to the products without meta tags already.

Same goes for meta description.

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So i can use the Copy from Name, into the field. ? And make it that way. ? As i don't see that obtion http://prntscr.com/jv7qkt

Am i missing anything. ? Any module or something. ??

Im running 1.20

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@cassim from prestashop -> seoupdater https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/56865-seo-updater-module-automatically-generate-title-description-and-keywords-meta-tags/

it works with tb -> but it does not work with php 7+ I think the problem was here with mysql

meta tags for products and category


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But you can't make it do. this title :

Download (productname) now - For just (price) if you buy now - (product description)

It can't do that. I can just copy from the description if i understand you right. .

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Yes, you can do that perfectly with "replace from field". The only thing that will give a problem are the brackets of (productname). But if you do it with "Download xxxxx now - For just yyyyy if you buy now - zzzz" replacing the strings will work. Just three mass edit commands.

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