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After many months of PS/TB/Module compatible tests I found Yotpo and Add To Quantity Box worked on TB. So I took the plunge and signed up for 3 years for the super fast A2 Hosting, changed the nameservers and installed TB with Softaculous.

Now the modules Yotpo and Add To Quantity Box are only half working.

Not code literate so kind of stuck right now.

Need advice on what to do if anyone can help.

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Hi Lesley,

Working on it right now. I have installed PS in a subfolder and the Add Quantity Box module is working fine.I also installed TB (latest) in a subfolder and the Add Quantity Box is not working? Both straight installs with nothing added but that module.

On my live site (Under Maintenance) the Add Quantity Box is showing in the Product Page but not on the Product list as it should. Though I have lots of 'add on's' that may be complicating it.

I don't think I can check the Yotpo module in the subfolders because of the name difference. But in my live site the side widget is there with the reviews but the reviews and stars are not anywhere else.. I uninstalled Yotpo and have installed the native "Comments" module which is working well. Can I request/pay the developer to add a review count at the end of the stars on the front end. I am presuming I will use 'MailChimp' to get customers to come back and leave reviews.

I really need the "Add Quantity Box" module...

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No/Yes... about a year ago I asked him if he was updating the module to PS 1.7 and he said no. Also I got the module in 2014 or so and I don't think he will help because it was so long ago, plus it is now on a different platform (TB)...

I have had it working on TB before.

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