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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I've recently discovered thirtybees and looking to use the software for my small online print shop. However, my customers need to be able to upload pdf and svg files as well as jpeg's for their orders. (currently only png, jpeg and gif are allowed) Could somebody please point me in the right direction to where I need to go to edit settings in order to enable pdf/svg customer file uploads and disable gifs? I've had a look around online, and on the documentation site (although the search function doesn't appear to work...for me at least), with little joy. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Hello, here is a module under devellopment that target the Niara theme for custom settings. Please test it, report bugs or any ideas to improve it, together we can make a great tool for everybody that can manage from BO major changes in theme settings. For Now it does include : 4 Tabs : General - Header - Footer - Colors General Home page content Container full width mode Sticky Menu on Scroll Google Font Selector Header Header text in top of page Header text font weight (light, normal, bold, bolder) Header text alignment in top of page (left align, centered, right align) Footer Show blocknewsletter footer block : Yes / No Show blockcategories footer block : Yes / No Show blockcms footer block : Yes / No Show myaccount footer block : Yes / No Copyright footer text: textarea Colors Theme settings - Colors - General Body background color Theme settings - Colors - Header Top page Slogan text color Top page Slogan background color Header Navbar background color Header background color Theme settings - Colors - Content Main page content background color Theme settings - Colors - Footer Footer background color Footer text color Footer title color Footer links color Footer links hover color Remember that is only a beta version.. it does not include sass files and rebuild function, it just add more CSS on top of the one used in theme, mostly without "!important" needed. GitHub repo here : https://github.com/Zengraph/thememaster/ thememaster.zip
  3. I need to make this work: You can see a set of instructions on the thread that doesn't quite work on a default install. I'd pay someone to write a set of instructions that do work, and take it from there. Preferably someone who knows thirtybees well, as my previous paid installation only lasted a couple of months. [This is the application](http://archive.is/9fQZ3), ([live link](https://veganline.com/r/gifts/candle)) as far as I have got with default modules. The customer has to press "save", watch the page refresh and loose all signs of saving, then bravely press "add to cart". It works with no ajax cart as it should. I have changed files [here](https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/462719-remove-save-button-of-customization-field/?tab=comments#comment-2122620), but the one button solution / ajax cart doesn't work. At best it gets "Please fill in all of the required fields, and then save your customizations." on the a blank cart page. I've [had an offer to organise crowdfunding of a €600-ish module](https://www.merchantsedition.com/) , if enough people are interested, but meanwhile a set of instructions is all I need. Offers welcome.
  4. I make a lot of mistakes; I might have messed-up something obvious like picking the wrong file. I paid a Prestashop developer to try his quick fix on Thirtybees, adapted nemops.com/save-prestashop-custom-fields-add-to-cart , page one for text. I make it look complicated by trying to spot the difference between the files here and the Nemops ones. There are only 4 files to replace, saved on follow-ups to this post. It worked for a bit but doesn't update when the code changes for bug fixing; it has stopped working after a month or two, with customizations no longer added to the cart automatically, even if I re-install the four files and re-enable the blockcart module. So the rest of this is redundant but left for reference. I also tried onchange="javascript:this.form.submit();" on the input form as it says here: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/76874-how-to-remove-save-button-for-customized-fields/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-2429519 . Last time I tried, there was a caching problem I sippose; it tried to sell the last customers' order to the current customer. This time I find that the quantity changes to zero if I update the customization - something to do with this code https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/1325-1325/customized-products-bug-in-cart/ (I tried searching "Prestashop" and "PHP "on freelancer sites - then asking one freelancer at a time if they can help, so they have time to think, and adding a link to the source code on github so they can have a look)
  5. Hello. I see that, after setting a fixed number of file upload in a product backoffice's page, a customer can upload image files to an item just before adding it to the order. I would like to let it upload as many pictures as the quantity selected for the item. For instance, he would select the quantity, and then scroll down the order, using a 'multiple' input to let him select his pictures (using ctrl or shift to allow multiple selection). I read the code for several hours, I think I understand more or less the way it manages to upload the files, taking the IDs, making the image processing, adding to the DB, but I think I'am not able to make the appropriate changes without screwing things up. I'd like to know if is it possible to select multiple files at once. It is intended for the costumers to print files in a simple way, after buying copy size they want. The other related question would be how to let the customers upload a different type of file, maybe they can upload all their images in a .zip file. Thank you very much.
  6. Update - april 2020 There is now a guide to changing 4 files to make a one click solution, compatible with the ajax cart ------------------------------------------------------------- This is a previous method that cached badly on cloudflare and tended to sell each customer the previous customers' order ------------------------------------------------------------- Maybe "simple" isn't possible but I got this far... For a customization that can use a select menu - maybe an attribute without stock control if other attributes have it turned-on. I discovered a simple method but it is broken by caching and cloudflares's rocket loader, so customers buy some previous customers' selection instead of their own. In case anyone reads this for ideas, I got a good 2-button system working and have added it below this failed one button system. back > catalog > products > product > customization > textfield to set-up a customization form cloudflare > speed > optimization > rocket loader > off ...if you plan to use inline javascript. if you look at the customer's view of the product and press control+U you will be able to see if your script has been changed. My script was broken by caching anyway. Find <textarea></textarea> buried near the end of the product.tpl template in your theme - something like Niara theme's latest product.tpl on product.tpl or an over-ride (because the file is updated often), change <TEXTAREA.....></TEXTAREA> to <SELECT onselect="javascript:this.form.submit();" ...> <OPTION>choose</OPTION> <OPTION>small</OPTION> <OPTION>medium</OPTION> <OPTION>large</OPTION>/SELECT> Underlining is just because of a link on this page, not for the code. The javascript is new to me. It should do what it says apparently. It's possible to keep <TEXTAREA .... </TEXTAREA> according to a kakkupaperi post on prestashop forums about a site with file uploads for customization. This fails because caching breaks the effect of the inline javascript; customers can buy the selection of the previous customer or the one before, but quite likely not their own. ------------------------------------------------------------- working solution with two buttons and no javascript ------------------------------------------------------------- Requiring selection : customization form change <textarea>...</textrarea> to <select required.... class="... <option value="" disabled selected>choose</option> <option>small</option> <option>medium</option> <option>large</option></select> required is new to me; it prevents HTML5 browsers from saving a blank. They pop-up a message instead. Any blank top line like <option></option> would have the same effect. disabled and value="" are both ways of making this work like a blank line, and "selected" makes sure it's the default option. I expect you knew that, and also know how the theme's built-in error message for required forms works, which I haven't got the hang of yet. Moving the form When the form saves, it reloads the page from the top. That's a reason to move the form near the top and to {*comment-out*} anything-else not needed on the product template, like headings and quantity select. I discovered that code editors are good at spotting the beginnings and ends of loops of code - editors like notepad++ or the one built into server control panels. Styling "textfield0" required an extra tag to say something like textfield0{width:auto;} back>preferences>custom code>add extra css one place to put it. I made another change to the <select... tag, changing class="something" to the class used on attributes, which in my theme is "form-control attribute_select". Requiring selection : add to cart form The "required" tick box in the back office enables an error message on your theme's errors.tpl file for any customer who tries to order without selecting a customization. It can be translated to any message you want on back>localization>translations>error message translations and >theme name. "error message translations" is easy to miss under "front office translations", and it's easy to pick the wrong theme, but one way or another the message can be edited. That's it! --------solution above added 24/11/2019 18.40----------------------- i spent a week trying to combine "order" and "save customization" buttons but can't find a simple guide. .... [detail deleted as the picture says it all]
  7. Ich konnte nirgend eine Lösung zu einem Problem finden, das ich sowohl in Prestashop wie auch in TB 1.08 replizieren kann. Wenn ich Bestellungen im backend ediere und habe einen Artikel mit Personalisierung, dann kann ich die Anzahl des Artikels nur über die Personalisierung ändern. Wenn ich das mache, erhalte ich einen ziemlich wüsten Zustand, den ich nicht ganz nachvollziehen kann. Es werden dann bei anderen Artikel falsche Preise angezeigt und es resultiert insgesamt ein inkonsistenter Zustand, der auch in prestool sichtbar ist. Es ist übrigens auch ein Problem im backend einen personalisierten Artikel einer Bestellung hinzufügen. Die Aufforderung, die Personalisierung einzugeben, erfolgt nicht. Die angehängten Bildschirmfotos bitte von unten nach oben betrachten. Das Problem tritt bei Bild 2 auf 3 auf.
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