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Anyone use 2checkout? I'd love to see a module update for TB


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In the process of setting up my account...

They have quite strict rules

  1. 1.Have to have agreements with suppliers or remove them from my website
  2. Doesn't support transactions for gift cards , credit slips, VOUCHERS, LOYALTY POINTS.

I have all of number 2 .. I do like the system but is it worth removing to please them 


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After about three years, I abandoned them a couple months back in favor of Stripe and Paypal. Fees were the same but the stripe integration allows refunds through backoffice module, which is a nice win. I used the embedded checkout, and every once in a while, a payment would process, but no order would hit my system. Users seem to like the separate paypal module setup versus the 2checkout combined one as well. Plus, the module seems to be updated more often.

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tb stripe doesn't work for you?
just to be sure:
- you have also entered the live access data in the shop
- is the server / hosting suitable for this (the requirements)
- the payment settings in the shop are activated for stripe
- etc ... 



i have been using datakick's chex module in a shop for a few weeks now.
it is not yet perfect for all my shops, but stripe and paypal also work very well here

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I think so ..have tried live and test keys

Tried different settings .Just checked it looks like Siteground accepts stripe. Am on a dedicate IP as well . Have tried Enable Stripe credit card form as enabled and disabled.

Maybe I should just check to make sure I am able to use tripe , although I should be able to in test mode

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