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Job: Catalog - Monitoring shows all articles and attributes with stock


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I have a suggestion on how to improve the page Catalog - Monitoring. It's a great idea, but poorly implemented. I think with a quick tweak it would be much more helpful.

I'd like the page to show in a simple table format all products, their attributes, and the available stock.

Please let me know what it would cost. I'd like to make this module available to the community.

It would be even more awesome if one could also add stock from there, too.

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@wakabayashi Bug or is there something I need to consider when activating ASM regarding existing stock?

I activated ASM. I set a default warehouse. I went to a product and activated ASM there. When I did that the product's stock quantities suddenly changed from 47, 2, 7 (different attributes) to -21, 0, 0, if I remember correctly.

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