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About 2 years ago, I changed the standard statistics module for a customer. Last time I updated it in April. It also works very well with TB so far. The prices are displayed incl. Tax. For a customer I added the columns discounts (with vouchers) and "gift" wrapping.

An additional column with tax I have not come for reasons of time yet. This was not desired, but I would like it better in my shops.

0_1512085695640_Screenshot-2017-11-30 Statistiken • Lady Dee´s Gradient Yarn.png

0_1512086808662_Screenshot-2017-12-1 Statistiken • Lady Dee´s Traumgarne.png

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I do not know if it's officially allowed for everyone, but I've changed it for myself

I have added a column of VAT, the other columns I have not changed. that is, the revenue of the products plus shipping plus gift packaging have remained the same. Here I see what I have to pay as tax.

picture example - shop with shipping inside and outside the EU -> sales with and without tax



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