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Meta description is important. Here is a quick starter guide you can look at: https://static.googleusercontent.com/media/www.google.com/en//webmasters/docs/search-engine-optimization-starter-guide.pdf

I am sure you can find better docs online.

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Its a good idea if you product short description is up to 160 Chars. Google usually truncate the description after 160 chars. So its better that you provide a full description as you like instead of google ending up cutting is in the middle of a sentence.

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@Havouza said in Keywords:

From where? My short description is set to 1000 ¨because I put the description in the short description field

I'm leaving this in for anyone who needs it, but for your answer: I was told by TemplateMonster that 255 characters is the max, which could be wrong.

meta title and meta description - you can see them when you edit a product or a category. It shows the allowed limits.

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It's very hard to do when you have to add it to every existing product. I don't know how you will do it in bulk.

Example: If you google precious diamonds you see this as the title and description:

List of diamonds - Wikipedia - that is the meta title

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Listofdiamonds - URL

This is the meta description:

24.78-carat (4.956 g) A 24.78-carat Fancy Intense Pink diamond and, until the sale of the Sweet Josephine diamond in November 2015, it was the most expensive jewel ever sold at auction. Previously owned by Harry Winston and an unnamed private collector, and bought by Laurence Graff (November 2010).

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