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Prestashop IP daily visit


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Aren't these visits related to cronjob module?

If you had this module installed in the past, it may have requested cron action to be performed by ps cron server. They usually triggers cron / visits your site once an hour. If you have uninstalled and deleted this module, these visits may be reported as pagenofound.

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@datakick @lesley

Revisiting this!

Think I found out why I'm getting these daily visits still!

Searched for the "old admin name" in my email as well as on my host directory.

I have NO cron jobs set up.

Nothing on my host but I found a Quick Install welcome email from a prestashop install I tested from my host over a year ago that matched the admin name.

Seems to be a relic from prestashop that I installed.

Does prestashop ping an install on the daily and is it possible to stop/block it? Block IP? Why would they do this?

/shop/MY OLD ADMIN/index.p hp?controller=AdminCronJobs&to ken=c279ccee0580e8b23b3191fccb 80fe70

edit: Yes clean install thirtybees Have blocked IP in control panel

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Old prestashop news then! Couldn't help but notice a top visitor!

Actually thought they were checking my site to see if I was using a prestashop module I had purchased but got refunded after it didn't work.

Thanks for the info @mdekker I've not seen any visits since blocking IP but it's only been a several hours.

Interesting that others were still getting hit without a prestashop installation!

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seriously guys, why should we even care? This is one request per hour, and that's definitely wont hurt your server - just compare it with one page load of average visitor - that's like 20-30 requests and hundreds of sql requests.

If you ask me, this cron service is one of the nicest gesture prestashop as a company ever did. Granted, it's not perfect and it's very buggy - but hey, we can say the same about ps codebasem and we are using it daily. This service removes barrier to entry significantly, as it allows for scheduled tasks out of the box. There are many merchants who doesn't understand how cron works. and software shouldn't force them to learn about it.

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