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Github Installation need composer?



I have tried https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/releases Version 1.0.4 RC1 / Version 1.0.3 or download direct from GitHub master, every time they ask me to run install or command line.

Couldn't start the installer The composer packages are not available. Make sure you have copied the vendor folder or have run the composer install --no-dev command.

I know only this https://thirtybees.com/download/ will works with no composer.

Since I am using xampp, pear/php is integrated inside, it is not easy to install composer, so it seems not easy to install thiry bees github.

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I am interested to install from source. I downloaded and installed composer for windows. I use Xampp based on php 7.1 at the moment. I hope I will find out how to use composer. But I wonder what this vendor folder is about. I take it form the release 1.0.4_rc1.

What I am most interested in at the moment for testing purposes is if I can make use of symbolic links. All my GIT projects are cloned via Sourcetree into a certain folder. All my Xampp project are in another one. So i thought well, GIT (in my case Sourcetree) keeps the Thirtybees project files up to date and all I have to do is to make a symbolic folder link. The git folder as source and the xampp/htdocs folder /thirtybees as target. I had to learn then how to use the composer and do copy the vendors folder from the named .zip into the target folder. If I got it right and if it makes sense at all I could work on the latest sources locally this way.

comments? :)

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