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Is retina images really working


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I am doing some tests with the community theme and I wanted to understand how retina images work. I enabled high res images, regenerated thumbnails and cleared the cache. I have confirmed that all the @2x images are available in the correct folder and that is ok.

Then I connected my iPhone 6s to Safari and looked at the images being provided when I entered my TB installation in the browser. Here I would expect that the images in the html would have the @2x extension right? However all images served are the normal size ones, not the retina ones.

@mdekker Am I misunderstanding how this is supposed to work? (Prestashop 1.7 with the classic theme behaves the same way).

![alt text](0_1523526446722_Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 11.44.52.png image url)

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Take a look at my replies in this particular thread: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/40/retina-images-please-help

Also be aware that the 2x images are not created if you use the csv import and neither are they if you are using the API.

You will have to edit the template yourself and for the csv and API import there are fixes I will dig my old thread for you ..

Here: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/798/retina-images-are-not-created-when-uploading-through-the-webservice

This was supposed to be added to the core so i don't know if it has been yet.

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@hubbobubbo it never worked, so you should implement @ssimard's solution in all your tpl files where you need to have high res images (everywhere I believe)... or you should wait for next release of 1.0.4 and check if the new solution work, if not, you have two options: 1st wait for 1.1.0 which will break compatibility and if you use custom theme or modules, will be never able to use it. Or 2nd - hire developer to make all the needed changes in all files for you, or use another proper solution. And of course if you find another solution you may share it with us :)

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