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Your experience with customers who say "my password doesn't work"?


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Hello there,

This is more some kind of small talk: Every here and there, there is a customer who complains that his or her password just won't work. They say "even the recovery password is incorrect".

Most of the time I end up changing their password manually and then it works just fine.

But I'm wondering: Is it really the "technology" or is it just the customer who might not be best friends with this new internet-thingy?

Of course, I'm questioning the tec at first. Does the recovery-mail not send? Is there a database-issue? But on the other hand, I tested the pw recovery myself before the shop went into production.

One customer said it must be because she uses a @gmx.com mail address. Can that really be?

I think it's difficult to find the actual cause of this issue since I don't have access to their personal mailbox or don't know what the new password should look like. Also, I don't want to show off a customer by proving him "Hm, when I try the new password, it works totally fine. You don't seem to be very smart".

But actually...most of the time I end up thinking just that and don't investigate much further :zipper_mouth:

So what is your experience? Is the system buggy or is it the customer?

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Hello, we are not using TB until now (still testing and arranging everything), but we have this also with our shopsoftware which we are using at the moment. Sometimes the customers send an email to us and ....blabla password not working.... or something like that.

I also think that it is 99% at the customers. We change the password and send to customers manually and it works..... hm.

But we also know that there are a lot of e-mail services which are not accepting mails from the shop or move them to spamfolder or something like that. GMX, Yahoo and especially Hotmail are horrible !!

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In my experience people often make mistakes with adding the password when logging in. I use hotjar to follow in this case what the customer is doing(ofcourse i cant see the credentials) and then try the password. Almost always the mistake is done with the password.

In this case the best is to do like @Manisch and just add manual a new password. Just not to offend your customer.

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I find it's usually the customer. I just help them & go on about my day it's apart of the customer service experience. I also ask right away if they were trying to place a order and if so get the order squared first. Don't Loose the sale. Most people do not read e-mails or mis read them. Make sure the e-mail they are getting has good clear instructions that a monkey could do it. I fine you have to lead people to get the required action sometimes.

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