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[solved] PayPal 5.3.3 and PayPal asks me to set up TLS1.2 though I think I have


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PayPal is a bit complicated. Anyhow, I run now for half a year PayPal 5.3.2 and now 5.3.3. I would immediately install V6. if I knew it ran better.

But for now I got a Problem. PayPal tells me I have to set up TLS 1.2 until June 26th.

I do not know how. Of course I know about the module settings itsself and there TLS is marked with a green OK sign.

So, were did I miss something? Might it be that the free SSL certificate I got from my bis hoster Hetzner Europe isnt compatible or accepted by PayPal? Any other tip?

Please, else PayPal stalls for me and I can't accept orders anymore via pp.

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You can test your SSL website here. After tests you will be able to see which TLS version is configured on your server and also some simulations of TLS handshakes. If you see all green on TLS 1.2 than you are good.

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Thank you both. I tested and all is good. I phoned PayPal and they told me that was to be expected. Well, more I can't say. Still, I do not understand why PP bothered me with that very urgent emails...but then, who cares. Thanks and a happy nice day.

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