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colorising backoffice header if caching is on


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for doing testing and developing I really could like to have an option that colors the backoffice top header so we can see at a glance that developing settings are made or caching is on/off.

Best would be to have also an quicker way to set the proper options we need when doing changes and testing them. Just a 'speed menu' with some buttos. Perhaps each one could determine which functions a button might have. Eg., smarty cache off, keep old css and APC on ... or smarty cache off, flush old "Keep JS and CSS file", APC off and debug on all on

So we would have two or three configurable buttons to rapid fire we need and also a colored header in BO that remains us off what we did ;)

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Yes, this would be awesome! Like little red/yellow/green lamp.

Where the different colors show the following conditions: - red - all off - yellow - smarty on, caching off - green - smarty on, caching on

And little popup notification on mouseover with short description on what does it mean. On click - referral to Performance page.

Honestly 50% of the time I have to turn off my caching (when translating or editing front end) I forget to turn it on... :) This will really help!

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Did you notice the quick access menu in the top header of back office? That's perhaps not entirely what you want, but comes closer.

One problem with such a quick access button is that there's at least a dozen settings regarding caching. And I'd love to see this large set reduced. For example, there's Never recompile template files vs. Recompile templates if the files have been updated. Is the latter actually slower? If not, the former option can get removed. Nobody wants old templates in use.

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The quick menu is working it's magic but it fails to give you warning about your current setup. It could be just like the maintanence mode - if it's on - give warning. That way we can receive notification if those two settings are not ON. The rest of the options in Performance are just additions and give little trouble when editing is in force. Sometimes I fail to update my translations with cache on, CCC never does any trouble and when it's set it's set for good, media servers are the same, template compilation too..

But as @dosbiner said - it will be nice feature for the future not high priority, we're just chatting... :)

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