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This nagging spam thing solved

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Recently seen something like this when browsing to one of the thirty bees pages?

0_1536053578305_Bildschirmfoto von 2018-09-01 12-12-10-or8.png

That's the unfortunate result of a vulnerability in one of the WordPress modules, which thirty bees had in use on the thirtybees.com site.

Good news on this one: module removed, distributed virii all removed as well. And this was quite a number, some scripting found like 6000(!) instances all over the place, across almost all thirty bees hosts. Infected files were PHP, HTML and CSS ones.

On top of this, chances are good for thirty bees moving to a new server in a couple of days. This will also introduce user privileges separation between each of the virtual hosts, then, prohibiting infection from one host to another.

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