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Add products from another website to thirty bees...


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Hello, I'm new to thirty bees, i have try in the past prestashop, and have a lots of problem, then i go to opencart. Now i want to move to thrity bees... because it's seem to be a lot better.

I have a user web site with products, and i want my user to be able to add product in the 30 bees store. What's tables i need to insert data in?
tbproduct, tbproduct_? , ...

Or if you have a better way to do it. But the user website are not in PHP.

Thank you.

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the user want to be able to update, add and remove product on the already know user site.. .without creating access to 300 users in the store... and without help 300 users to learn how to do it...

Or better, do you have a database map that explain every tables in the database.

Else, i will try by trial and error until i find all the table i need to do it.

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