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What's the best theme for Thirty Bees?


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Hey guys,

Just found out Prestashop is releasing its final update for PS1.6

Looking to migrate over to TB but not sure what Theme to use?

We could use our outdated 2015 theme but open for suggestions on a new theme.

Can anyone make a suggestion of what theme(s) they're using?

Regards, Motion

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Thank you dosbiner. I have to say I'm really disappointed with Prestashop 1.7 - now that there is no support for PS1.6 I'm looking to start pushing OpenCart and WooCommerce for all my new clients.

My PS1.6 client has spent over $1000 on PS1.6 modules and now has to decide whether to go with TB1.6 or totally abandon the platform

What theme would you recommend?

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I much prefer PS1.6 but it seems like all the PS Addons Developers are being forced onto PS1.7 - it’s a sad state of affairs

It's understandable that one trusts a long term relationship. And that's why thirty bees exists. It allows to continue with this relationship, just under a different brand name. Like MySQL evolved into MariaDB, like OpenOffice evolved into LibreOffice.

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