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Will these modules work with TB?



Hi All, Am looking to migrate our store to TB from PS1.6 but we have some key modules we need to work, anyone any feedback on: Realex - https://www.globalpaymentsinc.com/en-ie/accept-payments/ecommerce/partners Yotpo Zopim (now powered by Zendesk) Advanced Background Changer SendinBlue

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@traumflug said in Will these modules work with TB?:

"Versuch macht kluch"

Which means: try it and find out.

Which is why I am loving TB .. Don't know if you know Zencart ,but it is the worst for adding a addon or template ,just about every folder has to go in a different place and cost money every time.. With TB you can try and if you don't like just uninstall and remove folder

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