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Hetzner Europe, my host, answered:

They ask me wheather I know which URL over which port I try to reach. Normally Hetzner allows port 80 and 443.


Well, as expected, I do not know. That is the reason I asked in this forum. Looking at the file in concern I see at line 185:

        // Create a connection exception if it was a specific error code.
        $error = isset($connectionErrors[$easy->errno])
            ? new ConnectException($message, $easy->request, null, $ctx)
            : new RequestException($message, $easy->request, $easy->response, null, $ctx);

        return \GuzzleHttp\Promise\rejection_for($error);

I think it might be a ThirtyBees issue nevertheless?

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There is some code that's trying to communicate with some external service. You need to figure out where that code is, and what url it tries to access. Since you wrote that it happens roughly at the same time, I would start by looking at the module with some cron support.

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