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Queue sending order emails to speed order confirmation?

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Why not separate out email sending process to some kind of queue mechanism so it is not on the critical path for order confirmation?


Having this feature allows using SMTP authenticated email that is delivered more reliably, and does not delay order confirmation by many seconds either.

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This is definitely a good idea. The implementation is tricky, though. The best way would be to have dedicated task queue running in separate process. But that would require your own server, and it would not be trivial to configure. Alternative is cron-based task queue. There are always some problems with crons, timeouts, etc.

But it's definitely a good thing to think about. Especially if we combine this with task scheduler to run maintenance tasks

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Thanks @datakick

Mautic and Phplist have a queuing mechanism that I thought should work well for the tb scenario.

I see mautic creates emails and dumps them in a folder within the mautic installation. A cron runs periodically to pick and send out a configurable number of those emails through any standard mail server. We have cron functionality in tb for a variety of tasks anyway.

Thinking about it, even Amazon does not send order emails immediately these days.

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