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TB ready for production use?


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I have been following for awhile and since I have no intention of upgrading to presta 1.7 (ever) as I really am just tired of all of their issues. I do like the Prestashop framework though and it seems like the TB devs actually want to fix the underlying PS issues.

I am about to develop a new site and was wondering what the general opinion was. Is TB ready for production use or should I just stick with PS 1.6 for now? I will probably upgrade old sites sometime in the future or just redevelop them completely under TB.

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I'm with the others in this thread. We just migrated ourselves from PS on friday, and it went flawlessly.

The only thing worth mentioning is that you should downgrade to PHP 7 if you're on 7.1, and it might be wise to uninstall complicated modules and reinstall them after the migration. Not sure if this is a must, but some modules caused a little trouble for us in our test-environment. However; This might be because of different domains and us not updating the settings after we moved our live store to a test folder etc. Anyhow it's not much work uninstalling and reinstalling a module just to be on the safe side. :)

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