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@LeoChamp Several implies more than two. You did not have more than two clients with me. It also implies incompetence. After the migration, your one client that still pays you rarely if ever goes down. I was just on the phone with them the other day.

So, I'll ask you to stop slandering and exaggerating.

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Agreed - Some moderator should delete all my comment's please, as well my account. Havouza , you're right this is not the right place for me, I made a huge mistake signing up. My feets are burning when I see people talk about a topic without proper documentation, but that's how things are.

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I really want this community to grow and I want other developers that work with PrestaShop to move over. But there are toxic developers and community members over there. I would prefer those stay over there. Its not good form from any standpoint to come to a new community and your first post is attacking a member. If he cannot be an adult and have an adult discussion, he can stay over there.

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As @mdekker , I was considering AMP for my e-commerce site but soon realised that doing so would mean to AMP-everything, which goes against pretty much every other web technology out there.

Do you want to have your own amazing web content manager, an awesome menu and advanced e-commerce search (like Thirty-bees' Elastic Search Project)? You better forget about all of that. Nothing will work. NOTHING.

I decided to take a different approach and optimize everything on my Thirty-bees store to reach a sub-second page load time, and optimize it even further for mobiles. I.e.:

  • Reduce the DOM size. Doing so will allow slower clients (such as mobiles) to render your Thirty-bees store faster
  • Reduce your amount of JS code. The JS code in Thirty-Bees is interpreted by the client (your visitor's device's browser) unless you decide to go with a server-side JS option such as Node.js. This is directly related with the previous point of the DOM size, since JavaScript has to traverse it.
  • Reduce the amount of fancy CSS animations and transitions. These give extra-load to the browser for rendering, compositing and painting everything on the screen. Since a mobile has a very limited amount of resources, this impacts directly on the website rendering performance.
  • Use a full-page cache option, Thirty-Bees has many of them in the Performance section.

And the list could go on and on and on, but I guess you get the idea.

I prefer to personalize my store with the technologies that I love. Google's AMP was against everything I've learned and loved about web development.

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