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I am trying to get this right in our intitial release, so I would love some feedback from everyone. 

One of the biggest pain points I see is adding something new to a page, be it a banner, text, or some other function. So I wanted to add some new hooks that can be used with the initial release and in the future. I imagine that merchants get tired of having to edit templates to get extra information across. 

Here is the list of hooks I have added:

{hook h='displayNotFoundTop'}
{hook h='displayNotFoundBottom'}
{hook h='displayMaintenance'}
{hook h='displayAuthenticationTop'}
{hook h='displayAuthenticationBottom'}
{hook h='displayCartTop'}
{hook h='displayCarrierTop'}
{hook h='displayCarrierBelow'}
{hook h='displayPricesDropTop'}
{hook h='displayPricesDropBelow'}
{hook h='displayNewProductsTop'}
{hook h='displayNewProductsBelow'}
{hook h='displayManufacturerTop'}
{hook h='displayManufacturerBelow'}
{hook h='displaySupplierTop'}
{hook h='displaySupplierBelow'}
{hook h='displayOrderConfirmationTop'}
{hook h='displayOrderConfirmationBelow'}
{hook h='displayMyAccountTop'}
{hook h='displayMyAccountBelow'}
{hook h='displaySearchTop'}
{hook h='displaySearchBelow'}
{hook h='displayCMSTop'}
{hook h='displayCMSBelow'}


Most are self explanatory. I am trying to add a top hook and a bottom hook for each page that has no hooks. Right now this is going to work in conjunction with our custom html module. With the module you will be able to create widgetized text areas that can be arranged. 



In the end the hooks will allow us to make other modules work with the pages as well. One example would be hooking the featured products to below the 404 page, so you are still showing products to people that land on a bad page. That is just an example.


Are there any hooks I am missing? Or does anyone think this is a bad idea? 

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On 6/24/2019 at 2:20 PM, lesley said:

Are there any hooks I am missing? Or does anyone think this is a bad idea? 

Personally, I think it is way overdue and a great idea!

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