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Warehouse theme adding Revws hook to homepage content


Warehouse theme comes with iquitcontenteditor module for custom builds of start page. It allows to enter html boxes and also custom hooks as content.

I would like to add Datakick's Revw in a caertain way. I want to show a customer review of a certain product (or a selection of them in slider form^^):

{hook h='displayRevwsReview' review=2}

I fail to make it work with Warehouse. Can someone help out pls?

2019-07-08 14_17_20-Module • Grünes Spielzeug - Firefox Developer Edition.png

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I'm not really familiar with the iquitcontenteditor module, but it looks like it doesn't allows you to pass any custom parameters to display hook. And you really need to pass review id. So I'm afraid this module will not work with this revws hook

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