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Upgraded PS 1.6 to TB 1.0.8 to TB 1.1.0

Bill Dalton

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When I run core update 1.1.1 it complains that Found modules which can disturb operations of this module. Please uninstall them. These modules are: psonesixmigrator


I have uninstalled and removed it, but it still believes it is there and I cannot convince it otherwise. When I click on Check Update it tells me Everything is up-to-date


How can I upgrade to TB 1.1.0 ?

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6 hours ago, lesley said:

Oh, I did notrealize you were using windows. I will have to defer to @Traumflug or @musicmaster for that. We don't officially support windows. 


A lot of people use XAMPP on Windows for local development. I've had this issue as well. If you guys can fix this, it would be cool because otherwise more people will encounter this problem going forward.


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Tried to install warehouse theme v3.8.7 it at least claimed to install ok but was not visible in BO - no way to actually select it. 

So ... seems to be a problem with themes on an upgraded PS version .... I installed a clean TB 1.1.0 and it works with themes no problem, and I tried copying those themes but no go.

At least that lets me know that there isn't a problem with the themes or reading XML files. I also tried clean copy's of the modules and override folders from the clean install.

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