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In the ld + json module, I have some clues in my tests that lack data.

Currently I have made the following changes for me:


Article number (sku)

lines old

            if (!empty($product->upc)) {
                $arrProduct['sku'] = $product->upc;

lines new

            if (!empty($product->reference)) {
                $arrProduct['sku'] = $product->reference;


thanks @dosbiner @lesley
your changed files image brand logo is great



native review / comments module
- i dont know
- i hope or wish 
@datakick can help ?


and at the moment i dont know how to add/change the correct url for the product page


the last version of the module is from january 2018.
Therefore, if necessary manually change everything, who wants it, or who needs it.

For more positive changes that will help, I would be very happy.
Thank you very much


test before



test after 



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I have to admit that I don't know where to start to help you.. you are talking about a module..? I don't use module for metatags, it works without the need of it if you setup correct product.tpl file and product-list.tpl.

Give me more details and try to make your question more precise so I can understand your need for real, waiting for reply ...


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Thank you for your answer.

Yes, I'm talking about a module.
See my first text with the link. There you get to the "LD + JSON" module of TB.
Meta tags - hmmmm partially, this is mainly about the Google rich snippets.
If the product.tpl file and product-list.tpl are correct setup - it is from my point of view only partially ok. The header.tpl etc and what google and other search engines are allowed to see should also be correct.

For example, here's his releases:
or from TB-store

In between, I have already considered that module to disable. I have to take a closer look at that before.

I do not know what to describe in more detail? I think my sentences in the first comment are sufficient. Also deposited with pictures. There you can see where more warnings are in the review of the structured data.

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Thank you for the informations, you make me discover a new module.. I will not use it but now I understand, this Json module was unknown for me.

So from there.. I recommand to disable it and work on your template for rich snippets configuration as u like it, and test it on google tools for perfect fits.



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On 9/30/2019 at 2:38 AM, colorful-ant said:

native review / comments module
- i dont know
- i hope or wish 
@datakick can help ?

json-ld module only supports 2 review modules - native productcomments and yotpo. If you are using other review module (revws or other) you are out of luck. 

If you are using productcomments module and google is complaining about missing review-related metadata, then you can safely ignore it. It's just google being stupid. You can read more about this topic here

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Bringing this back to the top for some guidance on it's usage and whether it should be enabled or not on my site. Currently, I use @datakick's reviews module and it works great. Given that information, is there any value in using this JSON module for everything else within it? Can they work together correctly or does it create conflicts that will break SEO?

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