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'Authorize.net returned a malformed response, aborted."

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Though the authorize aim module is working at Hostgator (except on the shop where the customer's address won't save) all of the shops hosted at hostwinds both TB and Prestashop return this payment error  'Authorize.net returned a malformed response, aborted."  Howtwinds maintains that the server settings as per listed in presstools are correct.   "Thank you for your patience. Unfortunately I couldn't find any issue in the server configuration. I also checked the logs and couldn't find any relevant error/warning logs that would explain your current issue."    


Required parameters OK

Optional parameters Please fix the following error(s)

  • Install TLS v1.2 support on your server.
    Test result: fai
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What about ports? Is Authorize.net using a specific port that is blocked by Hostwinds?

And is there some aggressive anti-malware software active on Hostwinds?

And did you check the keys that you must fill in? 

As a final step you could look in the console of your browser for what is returned by Authorize.net and consult Authorize.net whether there is something wrong with it.

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Neither Authorize Aim or Amazon Payment modules work on Thirty Bees or PrestaShop at HostWinds, though both work at HostGator.  Hostwinds technical support maintains that it is a coding error.   I can understand that a struggling company like Amazon could not afford high quality coders(-:


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