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Joint Systems

Customer's address will not save for checkout

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At two TB shops at hostgator Jointsystems.org and jointsystems.org/shop when a customer attempts to checkout either as a guest, quick or standard creating an account the address won't save?  Two shops at Hostwinds Jointsystem.org (singular) and jointsystem.org/shop the address will save so I used the jointystem.org as the default in a multi-store configuration assuming it was a database error.  Did not solve the problem.  After attempting add a new address or update an existing address TB adds an empty address and when you attempt to delete the address it goes back to add address but if you go back to your addresses the deleted empty address is still there?

my defective addresses.PNG

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. I have created phpinfo pages for all of these domains as well if you or your developer would like to review this configuration further.


It appears as though the cipher error is no longer being reported on jointsystems.org however the address page is still looping back on my end. I have checked the sites database for any improperly closed tables or corruption however this reported no issues as well. I have straced the system calls being made by this page and it is exiting with a 0 status which indicates that the script being executed completed normally. Unfortunately there does not appear to be an issue server side which is causing this page to loop back when being submitted and would suggest have your developer review further. I apologize for any inconvenience.
Kyle K.
Web Advisor III
(866) 964-2867

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