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Keep track of code changes with git


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I am pretty new to git and started using Bitbucket a while ago to get a better hold of what developers do and code changes they do.

I am wondering if I use core updater it will update files. As well as if I install a module by importing it in back-office it will add and change files.

How can I keep track of these changes in bitbucket without knowing which changes that were made?

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Unless you're prepared to learn Git command line stuff, the best bet is to use Core Updater, the Bleeding Edge versions. Core Updater follows the repository on Github closely and gets updated automatically; each commit to the Github repository arrives there a couple of minutes later. It's designed behave this way and get used like this.

This also means: version 1.1.x there as of today isn't the same as 1.1.x last week or next week.

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As Trauflug said, Core Updater is the way to go if you need easy and painless solution to be on the most updated version.

If there are lot of changes I always make the upgrade on spare copy of a shop to see if something does not work anymore, but for the past year I didnt notice single problem when updating with Core Updater.

Currently running latest bleeding edge for last couple of months on my live shop (last updated today).

2 Files to get changed are my FancyBoxV3 as I don't use Original Fancybox supplied with TB.
And obsolete files is showing my GEOIP database.


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