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Stripe duplicate order



running thirty bees 1.0.8 with panda 1.46 stripe 1.7.0
Received a duplicate order but only only actually processed with stripe
They both have two different order numbers, ID numbers, are listed TWICE in order history.
They are counted TWICE for sales in the BO even though only ONE was processed through stripe.
It looks like the orders were seconds apart.
Both reference the SAME stripe transaction ID but the order amount was only processed ONCE through stripe
BO shows stripe: Credit Card one with a lock the other without as show in this image.
The one with the lock is the one that actually processed even though both are counted for sales.
I would like to delete the duplicate but can't without refunding the ONE correct order.
Is the only way to delete the duplicate order in the data base?
Do I need to delete more than one data base entry to clear this duplicate?
Will this correct the sales total?
I recall Vechia had a module for PrestaShop that would delete orders do we have something similar for Thirty Bees?
Would this happen from the customer reloading the page or is there another problem with the STRIPE module?

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 5.35.08 PM.png

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13 hours ago, toplakd said:

Delete Orders Free from mypresta.eu works just fine with TB.

Ah yes, vekia was always helpful for prestashop!

Thank you for the reminder for mypresta.eu he also shows module compatibility with thirtybees now!



I'd still like to know what caused the duplicate order, 30bees, stripe, browser?

Does anyone know what would have caused it to happen?


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Hm, this same exact scenario just happened again.

I will delete as I did last time but can anyone explain why the duplicate order happens?

The duplicate does not charge STRIPE twice but customer history shows as spent and inventory is deducted as shown in my screen caps in first post.

Is the customer reloading the page by accident by going back a page?

Is this a bug?

Please let me know your thoughts!


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