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Image Regeneration module - also good on shared hosting


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Michael Dekker very kindly found and installed this module for me to regenerate my images. It's taken from a different post but this is good for discussion.

Michael said: Also this module is very useful for image regeneration on shared hosting: https://github.com/meetjey/imageRegeneratorPrestashop

With this module you can slowly regenerate images so you won't get stopped by your shared server uploading limits - like I did.

All meetjey asks for this is a donation for beer!

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I believe it's more like VPS. But you can test it two weeks for free.

Pricing depends on how much RAM you choose and which hoster. Cloudways gives you the service of "managed". You get an easy interface and a live chat. For example redis can be installed by a kid. It's so easy there... The files are hosted on digital ocean or vultr (or some others).

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@wakabayashi - This conversation is getting off track. Can we please continue it on https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/402/fresh-installation-and-presta-migration-problem/8

Can you please move your posts to the other forum and I'll do the same?

I opened this discussion so I can ask questions about the image regeneration.

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I have to upload my images again because I made them too small the first time. Can I just FTP my original large images and then click "Regenerate Products"? Or do I have to resize all the images again?

Also, what do I do to slow the images down so I don't reach server limits, please?

0_1497397317796_image regenerator module regenerate all images safely.jpg

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