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Easier way to edit carrier charges

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For what we sell, and where we sell it carrier costs are not simple

We have multiple zones and multiple carriers defined by weight brackets



Editing this screen is a nightmare with lots of scroll and clicking and of course that is just one carrier. We then have to make those changes on lots of carriers

Not even mentioning how the zones themselves are just a "fix" to group together countries that have similar pricings

But these are always changing, especially at the moment. For example sending to USA is suddenly £5 per KG more, and that is banded with Canada where the price is not going up so we may have to redfine all the zones again

Any, that just results in a simple question. 

Has anyone come up with a way of editing these cost screens more easily? (I had hoped @datakick or @musicmaster modules / systems may have done it, but I don't think so

Any ideas for quick efficient data entry (Even the standard CSV upload templates won't allow it)

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21 minutes ago, Wartin said:

Hi, I've just seen this module:


It says that can import rates with .CSV, and I remembered having read your post. Maybe it's useful.

Yes, used to use that, and another similar one. But we had issues for various reasons (mainly we were trying to link in UK postcodes as they vary by price - and that resulted in mnay thousands of lines on one page. ). Might look at them again now we are not doing that anymore. 

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Posted (edited)

I re-read my post & deleted, as it didn't say much.

Anyone found any good courier modules ? Or data import for shipping?

Edited by veganline

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