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Carriers IDs incrementing in every save



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It is normal tb/ps behavior because orders are tied to carrier_id and if you change carrier info (like tracking link) and want to look at old order than you can get the carrier info from that time.

I really ate this behavior because I believe that the only thing matters in orders are the shipping price and this part already being saved in the order table.

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3 hours ago, toplakd said:

Well, it might be my OCD maybe 😂 🤣

I thought so 🙂

Yeah, it is irritating. But it does not hurt that much, database can take it. If we "fixed" this, who knows what would break. @yaniv14 is right -- the most important information is stored inside order/invoice tables anyway, so it would probably work fine. But there might be some corner cases when it would break things -- refunds, third party modules, etc...

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